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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it's a category 5 when it hit puerto rico and san juan with winds well over 150 miles per hour and we'll get more pictures out and you can see just pretty much utter devastation. all the electric is out in puerto rico. some of the buildings are flattened. it almost looks like a widespread tornado. and that's how strong it was, like an ef4 70 miles wide. and that's what it was. here is the satellite picture. it lost the eye over the island, and now, it's going to regain the eye with a good circulation and down to a category 2, great, and it will stay off the coast of the dr which is also good. yes, hurricane warnings in the dr and tropical stormings on the southern part of the dr. but the storm itself is right about 70 miles east of cana. it will move offshore. the highest winds will stay
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tomorrow morning. hurricane-force winds sustained will not reach the shore of the dr. they will get gusts of 50, 60, and that is it, and then it will intense fight. i think everyone is in agreement. it's off land and it's a cat 3 tomorrow afternoon. winds at 115 and it will brush the turks and caicos and again, offshore, and that's good with hurricane warnings over parts of the bahamas, moving northwest and sunday accident more northeast. this is monday at 6:00 p.m. off the southeast coast as a category one. the wind field is important. watch the red circle. it stays essentially off the dr over tonight and tomorrow morning and then just grazes the turks and caicos as we get into tomorrow
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on friday. we'll come back and show you the computer track of this storm and it has changed a bit since yesterday. so they don't have electricity on the island and nobody's been getting any sleep here in washington at the puerto rico affairs office. the staff is serving as support for the governor's office. those who can't get a phone call out are calling in desperation. >> i am trying to call and check on juanica. >> when you start losing communication and you start -- you go to social media and see the visuals, the devastation, that is why we are here. we are all supporting each other. >> the dc office is getting a webs
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funle relief and donations to the island. puerto rico is a lot like d.c., 3.4 million u.s. citizens who pay federal taxes and go to war but only get a non-voting representative in congress. new video shows the moment that a devastating quake hit mexico. people were standing next to the el christo monument. the ground starts to shake and people start to scream and run. rescuers are searching through the rubble for survives. chris martinez has more. >> reporter: rescuers are frantically digging into the ruins of collapsed buildings hoping to find survives of the quake. they made contact with a young girl in a demolished elementary school but the process
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remove her is slow because the rubble is not stable. searchers raised their hands several times hoping to hear calls from in the wreckage. 21 students and 4 teachers died. officialssay that the earthquake reduced 44 office buildings, homes, and schools in mexico's capitol and massive damage in rural rares. near the epicenter, entire blocks were destroyed. this man said his wife and grandson barely escapes when a church came down but others were not as important. families started holding wakes for the dead this morning. mexico's president toured the damage on tuesday night and asked people to remain calm saying that the biggest priority is find the missing and help
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chris martinez, cbs news. look at this, a city that appeared to be breathing as the quake struck. back from this country, republicans are making a last- ditch effort to repeal and replace obamacare. it would eliminate the subsidies that would make it cheaper for the affordable care act. but to the all republicans are on board. >> it would result in $1 billion less in federal funding for health care over the next decade. >> if we were going forward, we would have to act before september 30th. >> vice president pence was lobbying for the new bill on capitol hill. trump tweeted i
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will vote for graham/cassidy and fulfill a promise to replace obamacare. a group of senators signed a letter opposing the plan. they have not said how many people will be dropped from medicaid if this plan was approved. president obama said he is frustrated with the repeated attempts. >> when i see people try to undo the hard-won progress for the 50th or 60th time for bills that would roll back protection for older americans or people with preexisting conditions, the cancer survive, expecting mom or child with autism or asthma for whom coverage once again would be almost unattainable, it isth straighting. >> former president was in an event hosted by the bill and melinda gates
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the history behind a deadly fire in bethesda is intensifying more than a week after the flames broke out on the house on dan bury road. it's unclear what sparked the fire and who the neighbor is. we are out in the neighbor with more, and this is a bizarre story, deb. >> reporter: yeah. people have a lot of questions but let me set the scene for you, leslie. here is the house behind that fence and i am standing by a huge dumpster with sign tape, and right over here, a police officer suffer guarding the house. people who come around here, they walk out and peer out and walk their dogs, and they want ton what is going on. this guy, he sums it up. >> something else happened in there. there is more to the story. >> reporter: let's rewind, sunday, september 10, i covered this fire and found out that
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man died there and that wusa 9 reporter bruce leshan liver best hind the house and called 911. >> a neighbor said i think there might be somebody in there and oh, my god. i went to the front door and pushed the front door really hard and there was something blocking it. i understand there is a lot of stuff inside the house. >> reporter: this ised man that the bruce said lives there, daniel beckwith. he is okay but another man tried. today, we saw investigators in hazmat suits and neighbors want to know why their roads are block ed and they are safe. what do you think happened there? >> i have no idea. they mentioned like a hoarding situation,
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like a survivalist with underground bunkers. i hate to think it was more devious. >> reporter: firefighters said there was a lot of stuff inside. but a bobcat sits in the backyard. >> it's a nice neighborhood. this is a bizarre situation. this could happen in any neighborhood, rich or more but it's a very unusual thing going on. >> reporter: as we have been standing here, another person came by and wanted to finish we knew anything. they are calling this afternoon excavation and an active investigation and they are looking into what caused the fire and what killed that man. but they say this is protocol. we will
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believe me. >> thank you, deb. the medical examiner is reviewing the toxicology results. student comes knocking in a
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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a day-long event connecting young people in the city to employers hiring people, more than 30 companies with opportunities were on land at the convention center. a recruiter with starbucks said he was very impressed with the job pool. >> to date, we will have the largest number of pre- registrantss we have had. >> it will be a lot of inspiration. no negativity and energy. i feel good. >> in addition to the 1800 guaranteed job interviews, the event features resources for young people seeking career and college preparation advice. history is coming alive at the smithsonian's national portrait gallery. the american preside's
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public. the second floor is the only place outside of the white house where visitors can review a complete collection of presidential portraits. the exhibit has been a highlight at the gallery since it opened in 1968. >> we are re-opening america's presidents that were closed for'months for refurbishments, lighting, new carpeting, colors but it's telling an in-depth sty about the white house. >> the new exhibit opens to the public this friday. still ahead on wusa 9news, the center at the center of kevin hart's sex tape
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